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How to Prosper in this New Economy


Ever since the housing bubble burst and the Great Recession began, people have been hoping things will go back to the way they were. Back when we knew what we were doing, and how to do it.

Unfortunately, that isn’t going to happen, because, well, too much has changed.

Not only isn’t the old economy officially dead, the new one is coming at us at breakneck speed.

Just about everything we were taught about business and how to make our way through this life has been radically altered.

The question? What’s happening and how do we deal with it?

The answer? We are in the early stages of a full global economy. The problem is transferring money from one country to another to buy products and services. Yes you can use a credit card but interest rates are ridiculously high even if you have good credit, and banks are using your savings to invest without paying you any money in interest.

They are also tacking fees to your 401Ks and IRAs and bury those fees in the small print.

Win-win for them lose-lose for you.

Then Bitcoin came along. Bitcoin makes it possible for you to purchase anything anywhere without paying a cent in fees or interest.

Here’s the advantage. The fed can print as much money as it needs, which means the actual value of your money is going down. Look around, everything is increasing in price. Is your income increasing? Is your Social Security? Are your investments?

No, they are likely static.

And losing value.

My business partner,  Pete Menegan realized this a while ago, and began looking for ways to increase his income stream. Index funds, gold and real estate were good investments but weren’t offsetting the loss of the dollar’s value. Then he discovered Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies.

After a careful investigation, he realized that Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies are the money of the future.

In fact, Bill Gates, founder of Microsoft was quoted as saying those very words.

And we agree.

Watch the quick video below to see why.