Russian Hackers are Preparing to Close Out Your Bank Account

Russian Hackers are Preparing to Close Out Your Bank Account

Written by Zackary Richards for Excel Investing

The heads of six top U.S. intelligence agencies said on Tuesday that Russian interference in American democracy has not diminished since the 2016 presidential race and is continuing in advance of this year’s midterms.

The directors of the CIA, FBI, National Intelligence, National Security Agency, Defense Intelligence Agency and National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency unanimously reaffirmed their view that Moscow’s election meddling has continued since the election of President Trump.

“Frankly, the United States is under attack,” Dan Coats, the director of National Intelligence, said at the start of Tuesday’s hearing. “Under attack by entities using cyber to penetrate virtually every major action that takes place in the United States.”

This being the case, what is the most important thing to protect, other than your home, friends and loved ones?

Your money. That’s right.

But just how safe is your money?

Think it’s pretty safe? Think again.

The problem is we as a people are saturated with so much information, we become oblivious to matters we should really pay close attention to.

 Case in point, the cyberhacking of our credit cards at Target, Home Depot, Neuman Marcus, Wendy’s and the latest victim Chipotle.

 How often do you use your credit/debit cards? I use mine all the time. And my card is connected to my bank.

Look at it this way. The Russians can’t compete with us militarily. No country can. But in cyberspace?

Most definitely. And while we spend trillions on building the latest super jet and a monstrous aircraft carrier, the Russians are worming their way into our most guarded cyber networks.

Think about this. Nearly everything in this country runs on some sort of computer system. What if they simply hack their way into our bank accounts and create a wire transfer of all our assets to their off-shore accounts?

 Imagine waking up one day and discovering all the money in your checking and savings account is gone!

Don’t think that can happen? If they can fiddle with our federal election process, what makes you think they couldn’t tap into your bank account and close it out?

Now here’s the thing. Cryptocurrency such as Bitcoin and Ethereum can’t be hacked.


If you keep it in an exchange, it can be stolen. But if you keep it in a cold storage wallet like a trezor, it can NEVER BE HACKED OR STOLEN.

It can’t be seized by the government, or have a lien placed against it.

In fact, no one knows you have it until you convert it to regular money.

 The reason it is so secure is that it runs on Blockchain technology. Blockchains are stored on thousands upon thousands of computers that can’t be hacked because the blockchain itself will reject the transfer of information, or money unless provided the access number only you and you alone have.

 The access number is too long to hack, so many of the major corporations are looking at blockchain technology to guard against cyber-attacks.

This is why you should start seriously thinking about investing in cryptocurrency. As Bill Gates said, “It is the future of money.”

And it isn’t expensive to do. You can start by buying a piece of bitcoin for just ten dollars.

 My friends, I can’t express how important it is for you to at least understand how to convert money into cryptocurrency. It is the only form of money big business and big banks can’t control. They are trying mightily to frighten the public with forewarnings of crashes and Ponzi schemes.

 But regardless of all their predictions of doom, Bitcoin is stronger than ever and is making its way into the mainstream. Many companies are accepting Bitcoin as payment. Such as Microsoft, Virgin, Expedia, and Overstock just to name a few.

Another reason is it’s time that we accepted the fact that we can no longer trust our government. It’s clear that they are in the pockets of the elite and serve at their pleasure. The Supreme Court recently said it is legal for corporations to donate as much money as they want to political candidates without revealing who they are.

 How does that benefit the American people?

 You’ve likely heard the saying “Locking the barn door after the horse is stolen.” It’s typical of us to take action after something bad has occurred instead of acting to prevent it from happening. That human nature BUT… I truly believe the government no longer represents us, therefore it is essential that we prepare to become self-sufficient by creating our own businesses and start converting our money to cryptocurrency so it will be safe from hackers and from those in Washington.

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