Who are We?

Who Are We?

We are Pete Menegan and Zackary Richards.

Pete Menegan is a specialist in cryptocurrencies. Having made a fortune for himself and his family with Bitcoins and other cryptocurrencies, he has decided to offer his services to those interested in profiting in this new economy.

Pete is a tireless researcher and carefully studies the cryptocurrency market. It is a very volatile and can fluctuate several times in a single day. However, the key is knowing what cryptocurrencies provide sustainable value, and provide a product or service that will be key to building the global trade market that is inevitable and rapidly approaching. You can read more in the consulting section of this website.

Zackary Richards is the president of Ari Communications and founder of the website The Best Ways to Get Rich.com. Zackary has written several books about the new economy with his best-selling novels The Best Book on How to Make Money Online and The Best Book on How to Sell Anything Online being the standouts.

Over the last six years Zackary has seen how drastically the economy has changed since the onset of the Great Recession, and has written extensively about it. Especially about the fact that businesses are replacing employees with advancing technology and the necessity of today’s worker to adapt and create online businesses of their own.

What’s important to understand is there are enormous opportunities just waiting for us to take advantage of them. Remember, you will never earn your way to wealth. Wealth is achieved by those who seize opportunities when they present themselves, and follow through until success is achieved.

 Let us show you how.